Open Processing Visualiser 3D

Working on a visualiser in open processing, some stills images….. Most of the movements are based on mathematical equations. Objects are cubes, lines and vertex shape distortion. Light has been added to add… Continue reading

How to make ipad video graphics 3D

Have been using my ipad to create video graphics its easy when you know what apps to use. Verto Studio 3D Verto Studio is fantastic and worth the £7.99 price tag. Create 3d… Continue reading

Video Stills Art

The Sea Swimmer Video Youtube Enjoy!!!?! …..[*_*]……

A bit of sunday drawing

Mr Sellotape Head and his amazing adventures

Mr Sellotape Head lives in the urban jungle. In his spare time he likes to do poll dancing to pay the bills. Sometimes he goes to the beach just to relax. He doesn’t… Continue reading

Creepy Halloween Hand Art

Red red red red red red red red red Face Art

21st Century Angel Art

City of Colour Art

Laid Bare Art